Welcome to the St.Gallen -
Lake Constance adventure region

From the magical world of Lake Constance to the mystical places of Appenzellerland

Our location near Lake Constance offers you the opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating and diverse regions in Central Europe. Lake Constance, also known as the 'Swabian Sea', is the third largest inland lake in Europe and stretches across Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The region around Lake Constance is characterised by a unique variety of landscapes. You can spend relaxing days in the mountains of Appenzellerland or on the shores of the lake, explore the picturesque towns and villages or enjoy sporting activities such as biking, hiking and sailing.

Drei Weieren

An idyllic lakeside landscape in St. Gallen

Drei Weieren in St. Gallen is an enchanting nature reserve consisting of three idyllic lakes surrounded by lush vegetation and picturesque hiking trails. This oasis of peace invites visitors to relax and offers a variety of leisure activities such as hiking, bird watching and picnicking.


Idyllic harbour town on Lake Constance

Rorschach, the charming harbour town in the southernmost bay of Lake Constance, offers everything you need for a Mediterranean holiday feeling. From here, you can go on wonderful bike tours and boat trips, discover the nature reserve on the old Rhine and explore the picturesque lakeside regions.


A paradise for nature adventures and lovers of tradition

In Appenzellerland, at the foot of the majestic Alpstein massif, centuries-old customs and a love of local art and culture are celebrated. This region is the ideal base for outdoor adventures, with a wealth of activities in the surrounding mountain landscapes, including paragliding, hiking and delicious culinary experiences.

Rhine Valley

Where nature, wine and culture merge in harmony

The St. Gallen Rhine Valley is a dreamlike region between Lake Constance, Alpstein and Vorarlberg, which delights nature lovers, wine enthusiasts and culture vultures in equal measure. Explore the fascinating combination of nature, wine and cultural diversity.

Wil and surroundings

Historic town in the Fürstenland

Wil, the second-largest conurbation in Eastern Switzerland after St. Gallen, welcomes you with its enchanting old town. For decades, the court of Wil served as the residence of the prince abbots of St. Gallen. This historic region between Rorschach and Wil, known as the 'Alte Landschaft', was first mentioned in documents in 1580.

St.Gallen-Lake Constance cultural region:
A journey through cultural diversity and history

Abbey district of St.Gallen

With the oldest library in Switzerland

The Abbey District of St.Gallen: A place of historical significance in the heart of Europe. The spirit of the Benedictine monks still lives on here today, evident in the impressive buildings, including the baroque cathedral, and the astonishing collection of original manuscripts. The abbey district has been considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983.

Textile Museum St.Gallen

A treasure trove of textile art since 1887

The 'Palazzo Rosso' houses one of the most renowned textile collections in Switzerland. It includes fabrics and embroideries from all over the world, pattern books, design drawings and photographs that illustrate the fascinating history of the Swiss textile industry. In addition to the impressive permanent exhibition, the museum presents two to three special exhibitions every year.

Theatre St.Gallen

A stage of diversity and tradition

With over 20 new productions every season, the St.Gallen Theatre never ceases to delight its audiences. The theatre tradition goes back to the Middle Ages. Here you can experience opera specialities as well as classic productions and modern drama.

Culture Museum St.Gallen

Archaeology, history and ethnology under one roof

The collection ranges from prehistory and early history to the 20th century and includes a wide range of artefacts from different cultures. Cultural events are regularly held in the inner courtyard, including the St.Gallen Culture Festival. The children's museum on the top floor delights families with children with a wide range of activities.

First-class events

A kaleidoscope of cultural and sporting highlights

The programme of events in Eastern Switzerland is as diverse as the region itself. Experience St.Gallen-Lake Constance in all its artistic, sporting and traditional facets. Top-class sporting and cultural events as well as renowned trade fairs offer unforgettable moments every year and attract numerous visitors from all over the world.